Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, Monday!


:: I have had to brush up on my sketching skills because I am currently without camera. You see, I went to a class to learn how to use my new camera and figure out what I had done to make my autofocus act so fidgety. It turns out it wasn't me [yay!] but the old lens we were using [boo.] Our efforts to save a little dough by using lens from our old Nikon were thwarted. So, my camera is off with Jonathan getting fitted with a brand new shiny lens. I'm sure my camera will feel just peachy once he's in working order. And if I can remember what I learned from my class, hopefully Mr. Camera won't be too disappointed with this amateur photographer.

:: I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity shorts with just a month left in this pregnancy. I had been holding out for quite some time, relying on one pair of pre-pregnancy shorts that still fit and some sundresses to get me to the end. But, it turns out that wearing the same pair of shorts almost everyday for a month isn't exactly fashion forward, or sanitary, so I gave in. The results:

:: For the last few days I've been sharing bath time with a spider. I'm not sure why I didn't squish, I mean, gently pick her up with some toilet paper and release her into the wild blue yonder when I first saw her. [probably laziness] But now since it's been a few days, I feel we've bonded, and flushing, I mean releasing her just feels wrong. Sure she's gross and creepy, and her legs need a good waxing, but we have a lot to talk about.  I'll be having a baby in a month, and she'll probably have a million babies in month. We can swap motherly advice while I lather and rinse.
[In actuality, I don't have a clawfoot tub, and Mrs. Charlotte is the size of a large freckle.]

:: We are packing up to make a couple of trips this week to visit family; One last adventure before I'm sworn off of traveling.  My only fear is that this baby will decide to make an appearance when I'm in the Middle of Nowhere, TX...well, that, and the fact that my family might up and strap the grumpy pregnant lady to the top of the car.
Let's hope neither of these come to fruition.

:: And finally, my quick sketches for this post turned into a long an arduous process. I really should look at a car a little more before I attempt to scribble it on paper.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee


Meaghan said...

hi there! i totally read your blog YEARS ago bc i also have a finn. i have no memory of how i stumbled across your blog in the first place ;) well, i saw your name on pinterest and thought, "that sounds familiar" so i clicked and there was your lovely home tour on apartment therapy! i love it all and had to laugh because i have the same silver "dinner" bell and the same lamp in your master on the dresser. ;) congrats on baby # 3!!!! hope your art is selling like hot cakes!

Isabel said...

Loving the sketches:O) You are brave to keep that spider that long!!! Im terrified of them!!! Have a safe trip:O)