Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello, Monday!

Is it Monday already? Is 5:00 on a Monday already? I don't know where the day went. Ok, I don't know where the week/month/year/my sanity went. We had a few activities that took up the better part of our day today, and these days, a few activities can send me into an afternoon coma that takes me a few good hours to recover from. But I'm now awake enough to type. Whether or not I'm coherent, that's another story.


:: This is what our afternoon looked like...

And while I couldn't take a picture of myself, I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like.

:: We started the day with tennis camp for Finn. I didn't get any pictures because it didn't actually go smoothly. Finn's my reluctant child when it comes to starting new things, and he was quite nervous. He eventually warmed up to the idea of tennis towards the end of class, so I hope I'll be able to get a few pictures of my future Roddick [or maybe McEnroe] tomorrow.

:: The kids found their marble set during one of my comatose states. They've been building contraptions everyday since.

:: I finally took the kids to find new tennis shoes. My children hit growth spurts recently, and poor Finn had been squeezing his feet into too small tennis, while Audrie had been wearing dressy flip flops to do such activities as riding a bike and climbing trees. Now that they have new shoes, Finn has a new found love for going on runs in the heat of the afternoon. He's been begging me all afternoon to run around the neighborhood. He doesn't understand that pregnancy + Texas heat = A very large Grumpy McGrumpkins.

:: And finally, here's what my lap looks like as of late.

 I'm actually wearing shorts, but my belly is hiding them along with what I'm pretty sure is a small family of squirrels who have taken refuge from the heat under my massive orb. I'm still being told that my belly is big. I think it's because my due date is off. Even though the doctors refuse to humor me and move it up, I'm preparing myself for an early arrival... just in case.

Not much for exciting, but it is what it is.

Happy what's left of Monday!


nessa dee

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