Friday, June 1, 2012

Crafty Friday: Sponge Prints

Several days ago I was trying to plan ahead for our Crafty Fridays, so I asked the kids their opinion on a few ideas.

"What about a mobile? We can make a cool mobile with old gears and mechanical parts and hang it in brother's room!" 
No answer.
"How about 3-D junk art? We could make robots out of cans and old mechanical parts and put it in brother's room!" 
I think they started to figure out that I was using Crafty Friday to finish stuff for the baby's room. 
"Okay, what if we cut shapes out of sponges, dip them in paint, and print them onto paper."
"Oh, let's do that!"
  So, sponge prints it is.
All you need are some sponges, scissors, paper, paint, and an idea. I don't have to explain this's easy peasy. My only advice is to pick a simple, graphic shape without too much detail. Finn's first idea, to cut out the shape of Mr. Thom [a friend] with his curly hair, wouldn't have worked so well. His second choice, a rocketship, worked out much better. Audrie chose to make a parrot.

As for the paintings I promised to list in my shop, well take heart! The day's not over. I will be listing these two soon after I publish this post.

I have quite a few more to list, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. My body's rebelling right now.

Happy Crafting!


nessa dee

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Princess Pookie said...

cutie blog! my kids would luuuuv the sponge painting. I want the little house prints!:)