Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello, Monday!

Well, last Monday to be exact. We spent the day with a bunch of dinosaurs at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I think the adults were just as giddy as the kids when we faced these prehistoric beasts. They were incredible!

They were huge! 

They were terrifying!

And some were just downright strange!

In addition to the dinosaurs, we also saw some of the Terra Cotta Warriors who guarded China's first emperor in the afterlife.

These were fascinating, although, one of the warriors seemed to be a little inept. 

And finally, we visited the butterfly exhibit, where we got attacked by killer butterflies with long tongues...

and pointy teeth!

It wasn't until the butterfly whisperer came along and calmed the masses that we were able to escape  unscathed, though psychologically scarred for the rest of our lives.

And that was our day at the museum. This Monday probably won't be as exciting, but who knows what the afternoon might bring. So far, the plan is to clean out closets, prep for baby, craft, and do a little schooling, but you never know when an army of angry butterflies, or just a scary pregnant lady might show up. We'll be prepared.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

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