Thursday, September 4, 2008

Conversations With Finn

Have I told you how completely smitten I am with this kid? He is always up to something. He makes me laugh everyday. I wonder what goes on in that little head of his. He came into the kitchen today in this little ensemble. Blue glasses and an orange gun. These are his spider shooting clothes. Yesterday, he fought off fire ants with a sword and a container lid that has now become his shield. He wears his boots everywhere, and he rides a stick horse at least twice a day. The following is a conversation we held yesterday morning:
Finn: Oh no, Mommy! You have a boo boo! The mosquito bit you! You have to cover it.
Me: It's okay.
Finn: Is that your nother boo boo?
Me: Yes, it's an old boo boo. I burned myself.
Finn: Oh, you burned your soup?
Me: No, I burned myself.
Finn: What did you burn?
Me: I burned myself with an iron.
Finn: Oh, you burned the iron?



mindy~ree said...

awwww ;) he is the cutest! I know every kid has their own little voice, but I can imagine him talking in my head and it's so cute! ;) I loved reading this! I can only imagine what my little guy will be up to in a few years! I love his style too!! :) These are great pics ;)

Abby said...

I told you I wanted a Finn. This guy is amazing! Miss y'all....