Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh To Be A Kid Again...


Book reading.

Hide and Seek.

Sailing the high seas.

Helping Mommy cook.

Washing hair with hand soap.

Dressing up.

Mega huge train tracks.

Science experiments.

Playing cards.

Fixing stuff around the house.

Packing the essentials.

Craft projects.

Waiting for Dad.



Tammy said...

You look like you live a pottery barn life. Your pictures should be published.

yoon see said...

Wow...indeed you are a kid again.....
Admire your super natural motherhood with your adorable kids.
I would add a few words as play to accompany your doer lists:
Love the unique red hats creatively turned to shoe by your son …now Alien, brother sister book reading together, adventurous game of hide and seek, sailing the high seas as balancing art, goodwill of helping Mommy cooks, wishy washy washing hair with hand soap, fun time dressing up, make a round with Mega huge train track, observation art for Science experiments, jamming around with Playing cards, readiness packing the essentials, DIY craft projects, patiently waiting for dad…..