Monday, September 8, 2008

Smells Like Soccer... Audrie's coach would say. Well, soccer has started back up again. We didn't have a long break between seasons because Audrie's team opted to play indoor soccer over the summer which was an absolute blast to watch. (Not to mention the nice, air-conditioned building!) Audrie has come a long way since she first set foot on the field back in 2006. She cried at her very first game, but after that, you couldn't get her off field. Her talent on the soccer field is not something she inherited from Jonathan and I....we never played the game. Anytime I try to help Audrie practice, I end up pulling muscles in places I didn't even know I had muscles. Thankfully, Audrie got an experienced coach who has taught them so many skills from the beginning. I credit him for inspiring this love of soccer in Audrie. It's become a normal thing to see Audrie walk around the house with some sort of ball at her feet as if it's just a part of her stride. For her, it's not a conscious thing, it's another natural function, like breathing or blinking. It's been fun to see her growth in this game as well as the friendships she's formed with her teammates. I look forward to seeing how this team progresses in this game!
Audrie's #3
Audrie's teammate Lauren squirting her face for a quick cool down...That's Audrie getting some advice from Coach Gary.
Go Firecrackers!!

Nessa Dee


Tammy said...

I wish I could play soccer. It is quite a workout. When we spent time in Africa I always wanted to play with the kids but I was too pathetic.

Tammy said...

me and clint lived in Uganda for 4 months and he lived in South Africa for 2 years so after Uganda we went and visited South Africa and Capetown. I loved it. We probably got more out of it then we gave. Where is your brother? Once you have been to Africa it calls you back. I would love to go again.