Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photo Magic

I love this picture! It didn't start out this way, though.
Here's the original:
Just goes to show you that it's worth snapping pictures in any setting. It can yield a beautiful portrait with a little bit of tweaking!



yoon see said...

I totally agree with you ND, it's a good idea!
Just snap a few photos freely and then only move to the subject or focus we intended. So much we can get...
Your blog entries and illustrations have enlighten up me in many ways. I feel so happy dropping by here.I got so much inspiration from you.
Keep it up, ND.

Momo said...

The photo looks great.

And that's one of the wonderful thing that going digital has made possible - snap to our delight and then to weave some artistic magic to create beautiful work.

yoon see said...

Yes, this is a great piece for portrait. A photo Magic indeed!
Loving both but the close up one has so much details.
His friendly innocent smile stands out against the richly mixed colour backgroud.
I am so touched.