Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crafty Friday: Silly Faces

For this week's Crafty Friday we're making silly faces! These were a lot of fun, and a big hit with my kids.

The main thing you will need for this project is a close up picture of your child's face, printed on paper or card stock. Then, whatever you have on hand to decorate the picture will work. Here are some suggestions:

-markers/crayons/color pencils
-construction paper/scrapbook paper
-cotton balls
-material scraps
This project is super easy and super silly! After you've printed the pictures, the fun begins. (Just to note, I printed my kids pictures onto computer paper, and then glued them onto a piece of construction paper to make them a bit more sturdy.) Set out all of your supplies, and then, get to decorating.

Audrie had a plan from the start, and got right to work.

With Finn, though, a little prompting was needed. I asked him what he would like to put on his picture, and made a few suggestions such as a felt mustache, a hat, a beard. He went with a nice dark brown mustache, and then got a hold of the stickers. Stickers are an easy way for younger kids to decorate their pictures without a lot of help from the adults.

After a whole sheet of heart stickers, and then a couple of button earrings, it was done.

Audrie transformed her picture into a fanciful clown.
Even I got in on this craft project. I went with George Washington hair, an Abe Lincoln hat, Angelina Jolie lips, and Peter Gallagher eyebrows. Purty, ain't it?
I think I'm going to hang these in my living room.
Have fun creating your own silly faces!
Nessa Dee
**Start gathering up junk for next week's Crafty Friday. We're going to make junk collages!**

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JillP said...

Love it! We have LOTS of junk for this Friday's project... in the garage unfortunately~Are you posting the project on Thursday?

I was going to do First Thursday in Austin but the Etsy girls that were going to share a booth with me decided I was too much competition or something. Artists ar truly FLAKY! I'm truly bummed!