Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Apple Pickin’

Our latest field trip with our homeschool group landed us right in the middle of a bunch of apples. Not the ones you find in an orchard,though; the ones you find here:


And since my talent lies in areas other than computers, I brought along the expert in the family to help our daughter.

apple3The field trip consisted of a bunch of kids having access to their own Mac to create a slideshow, video, or sdwpoykapf, or rskuepcma. [That’s how a lot of technical terms translate in my brain.]

apple4So while all of the computer stuff was taking place, Finn and I walked over to the Starbucks, bought second breakfast, and parked ourselves outside the Apple Store to watch people walk by as we munched on our deliciously delectable donuts.


We then took a picture of our feet...


and pictures of each other.


I also took an opportunity to snap a quick family portrait while Jonathan and Audrie created their ninja video.


At the end of the day I learned that everyone who goes on a field trip to the Apple store gets a free t-shirt, and that Starbucks donuts are really good. Thankfully, Audrie learned much more.



nessa dee


Donna VanCleve said...

Did you realize the little atom trail (oops, I revealed how little I know about science) would be parked on top of your brain in your family portrait? Nice pictures; nice play on words; nice time with family.

nessadee said...

Complete accident! It does make me look kind of intelligent. :)

Tammy said...

I love the family picture!

Kay Aker said...

Your kids are so blessed to have this freedom!