Friday, October 23, 2009

Crafty Saturday, Perhaps?

If you read the previous post about my super abilities when it comes to churning out work under pressure, then don’t read any further because certain truths about my powers will be revealed. Such  creative endeavors are only accomplished if I neglect certain aspects of my life, like sleep, or bathing, or crafting with my kids. Hence the reason why we don’t have a Crafty Friday to post today. Also, my patience tends to run thin when I’m being rushed, so not only do I look and smell like a monster, I act like one, too. But now that I’ve returned from roaring my terrible roars, gnashing my terrible teeth, rolling my terrible eyes, and showing my terrible claws, my hope is to post a special craft project tomorrow if I can get it done. Finn wants to be a spider for Halloween, and in an effort to kill two birds with one stone [I like to do that], I’m going to post our approach to making a costume. I don’t have a pattern, just an idea, so keep an open mind. :)

And since I don’t ever like to have a pictureless post, here’s what’s been occupying a lot of our time lately:





Until tomorrow,

nessa dee

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