Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafty Friday: Painting Pumpkins

Well, fall snuck up on me this year and in an effort to get some autumnal decor around the house, I decided that we should make crafts dedicated to this season. Today, we’re painting pumpkins!


Here’s what you need:

yarn or ribbon or faux fur
buttons or googly eyes

I ended up getting small pie pumpkins because they’re easier for little hands to work with. I don’t think this even needs any explanation…it’s pretty straightforward, you paint a pumpkin. Your kids can choose to do a face, or paint polka dots or a striped pumpkin, or even something that of the Dutch Masters or French Impressionists. The possibilities are endless. If your kids choose to paint a face, they can glue on buttons for eyes and yarn for the hair. A pair of old earrings stuck into the pumpkin’s “ears” adds a bit of flash as well as a hat or scarf. My kids didn’t go for any of this. You see, they have their own ideas when it comes to crafting, and who am I to stifle their creativity, especially since they usually have better ideas than mine. Oh well, on to the pictures…




Meet Larry, Pumpkinstein and his dog, Max:


Happy Crafting!

nessa dee


Donna VanCleve said...

I love the concentration on their faces. What fun! I don't think I let y'all paint in the house until you were teenagers.

nessadee said...

Well, I've sort of ruined that table set for Jonathan, so a little more paint doesn't hurt. :)

Asja said...

these pumpkins looks so charming, they have so much personality!