Monday, October 19, 2009


Besides playing in a box or climbing trees, I think jumping on the bed is one of the supreme joys of childhood. In our house, it’s almost a nightly routine to take a bath, get partially dressed and then jump as much as you can before Mom and Dad come in to subdue the craziness.

jump1 jump2



jump4Judging by the look on Finn’s face, though, I think next time instead of stopping the action, I should join in on the fun.


nessa dee


thedoodlegirl said...

I LOVE this!!! It's so true! Our kids are MEGA-hyper right before bedtime. :)

One Womans Thoughts said...

Ah . . . the joys of jumping on the bed. I did this not too long ago as an adult, the feeling was exhilerating and my friend(who joined me) and I were filled with laughter and even the memory evokes a smile. Kudos to you for giving your children one of life's small pleasures.