Thursday, October 8, 2009

Look what I found…

…at a garage sale last weekend:

draft1 No, not the kid…the drafting table! It was sitting at the end of a driveway, calling to me. I only had $15 in my wallet, and I was ready to go put a down payment on the thing to hold it, but when I walked up, the price tag said $15. Serendipity! I looked at the guy and said “I’ll take it!” It was such a good deal that I almost feel as if I cheated him out of his money. But I’m not losing sleep over it.


Now I just need an art studio to put it in, and that might cost a bit more than $15.


nesssa dee

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Donna VanCleve said...

That boy has smiling down to a science. It wasn't that long ago that you had to chase him down to get his picture! Sure am glad he's in my life.