Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Fall!

I should be cleaning the mess that is my house, but instead, I’ve decided to make an even bigger mess. Fall decor has finally exploded in my home.




I’ve been meaning to decorate my house since the 1st of September, but as it is, life gets in the way, and I just haven’t found the time. And to tell you the truth, my house still hasn’t recovered from our move. I still have boxes I need to unpack, and rooms to set up, and pictures to hang, but that takes thought and planning; so instead I’m going to strewn garland, pumpkins, and fall foliage around to mask the fact that I haven’t put my house together…after 4 months of living here.


See what’d I tell you. A few stuffed pumpkins to flank a picture that should be on the wall, and no one will even know the difference.

I really don’t need to do much decorating when it comes to fall. My house is already full of warm, autumn colors. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. I bought a rug I liked, I painted a painting with the same colors, throw in matching pillows and curtains, and my house looks perfectly decorated for one season out of the year.



Every spring I tell myself I’m going to lighten and brighten things up, but with that rug, I don’t have much room to play. So I just leave it alone and I don’t invite anyone over until the leaves start changing colors. Then it looks intentional.

I’ll invite you all in for a tour once if I get it decorated. Until then, enjoy the changing of the seasons!


nessa dee

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