Monday, September 20, 2010

The Weekend

Jonathan and a friend decided that we should try our hand at sailing the open seas this weekend, so we packed up our families and rented a boat. We really didn’t sail, though, as much as started a motor. And the open seas, well, it was more of a lake. Nonetheless, we were boat people for a day.

The kids were so excited to be on this super fast boat that topped out at about 35mph. To the girls, we were on a jet boat.

DSC_0076 a-boat

Finn was on a pirate ship for a day. He made sure that we were well prepared for our voyage.


He even tried his hand at “sailing” the ship.


The girls rode the inner tube shrieked ear piercing screams most of the time.


Finn and I gave it a try, but he wasn’t too excited about the whole thing, and we stopped shortly after getting on.


Then the guys competed to see who could “surf” on the tube the longest, but I wasn’t able to snap pictures quick enough before the plunged into the water.


They also tried to throw each other off the tube, but a pontoon boat isn’t geared for speed, so their efforts were fruitless.

We eventually found a nice place to swim for a while…


and then called it a day and headed back to shore before an ominous looking storm hit. I was somewhat expecting to get caught in a raging storm given that our last adventure with this family was our notorious camping trip that ended in us packing up during a torrential downpour. Thankfully, we made it back safe and sound, not stranded on a deserted island like the Swiss Family Robinson. Otherwise, we might have been forced to build an elaborate tree house, like this:



nessa dee


Jade said...

hey! I have been in that house. It's a lawyer from Houston who owns it and over the archway of the main entrance it says "A Castle for his Lady" I have a WHOLE facebook album with pictures of me and Nate and Wes exploring the outside of it. My friend's aunt lives next door to them and she gave us a tour. It is AMAZING.

Seriously, the whole time we walked around the house, I kept saying "I belong in this castle...I belong here" :)

Jade said...

Here is the link to one of this pics :)