Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too Many Toys

Have you ever read this book...?

You should. It's good. Especially if you have kids that are reluctant to give anything away. We have closet clean outs quite often because 1. My kids have too many toys. 2. They have a hard time keeping their rooms clean, and 3. I find the clutter to be stressful. Now don't get me house is full of clutter. It's usually hidden in drawers, under beds, or behind closed doors, and if I don't see it most of the time I'm okay. But it never fails, at some point the clutter seeps its way out of hiding and onto every bit of exposed counter space, or floor, and I eventually reach my boiling point. It's then that I threaten to give everything away...including my children. 

So, the other day I was heading to Finn's room to tell him that he needed to clean it up before I had a meltdown. We try to enforce the "put things up before you get more out" rule because Finn has the amazing ability to get everything he owns out onto the floor in about 5 minutes, and then, when it comes time to pick everything up, his arms are too tired and no longer work. Well, I walked into his room and found my two kids, surrounded by the mess, reading Too Many Toys. Oh the irony.

My hope was that they were learning the lesson, or that they could at least see that Finn's room looked just like Spencer's, but no. Instead they were picking out their favorite toys in the book, and I gave up.

I let them continue, and decided to live with the mess for one more day.


nessa dee

Oh, and I'll be listing some new paintings in my shop sometime tomorrow. And since I've now mentioned this on my blog...I have to hold to my word.

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Abbey said...

This must run through our kids' blood because I got the exact same "I'm too tired" to clean up excuse today. I tried to call his bluff by saying he must be too tired to play light sabers. Sadly, it didn't work.