Friday, May 25, 2012

Crafty Friday: Button Collages

I have a confession to make. This craft wasn't supposed to be button collages. I was actually going to do a repeat craft of our robot collages we did several years ago. It was strictly for selfish reasons, as I wanted the kids to each create a piece of art to hang in the baby's room. Well, that plan flew out the window when my son started rebelling. He was in no way going to make a robot collage. So, I gave up and started helping him sew a robot toy instead, but while I was cutting material, Finn found arranging buttons on a piece of paper to be quite fun, or cathartic, or both.

 Either way, he ended up with a robot made of buttons. All you really need for this craft are lots of buttons, a thick piece of paper or cardboard to glue them to, and some glue. We threw in a few washers and metal lids, too. After writing a special note to his brother and signing the piece, he was done.

Audrie, on the other hand, opted to draw a robot and his dog, and then glue a few key pieces on for texture.
I love 'em both, and can't wait to hang them in the baby's room!

Happy crafting!


nessa dee


Tammy said...

Yay I love crafty Friday's!

leksa said...

Waow your children are very bright !