Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our house is on Apartment Therapy!!

I've been hinting that something big was going down at the Roeder house, and here it is:

We have a house tour on Apartment Therapy!!

[photo taken by Chris Perez]

I was contacted last month by Chris Perez, a contributor for Apartment Therapy, to see if I was interested in doing a house tour feature for their site. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, but I answered with a big, resounding YES! As soon as that word left my mouth, though, the nerves set in because at that point, we had three sample colors painted on our kitchen cabinets, two bathrooms with peeling wallpaper, a baby's room that hadn't even been thought out, an art studio that looked more like a storage room, the list goes on and on. So for the last month we've been working like crazy people to finish a lot of those projects. We still have a plenty of projects to tackle, but for now I am taking a long hiatus from house work and focusing on preparing for a baby. I've heard that it's a good idea to have things like a car seat, baby blankets, and enough clothes for the child before you take him home from the hospital.

You can check out our house tour right here. And be nice...remember, I'm pregnant and emotional, so lie through your teeth if you need to.


nessa dee


Jacci said...

Hello Nessa. I just wanted to say what a lovely home you have. Truly. And family, too. Congratulations on the new baby! :)

Sometimes commentors on AT just say what they want without thinking about the *people* on the other end, reading their comments. I hope you still feel postiive about all of the work you put into your home for the feature. At least you got a lot done before Baby arrives!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say it was a lovely house tour. Thank you for sharing your home.

sweetheber said...

The home tour was FABULOUS! You've done such an amazing job-truly! How nerve wracking and exciting. My favorite thing was the alphabet--it's darling--the composition is flawless!!

vivi2002 said...

You know, I'm a little put out with AT for not censoring the negative comments. You were not submitting your home for critique. Someone ASKED you to SHARE your home so that others might derive as smidgen of inspiration. Shame on them for not treating their blog "guests" more kindly.

On another note, I think your home and family are pretty fabulous. Go rest now!

anna said...

hi nessa, i saw your place on apartment therapy, and i've now spent far too long in your archives... i don't think i have enough words to say how much i love your blue dining chairs - lovelovelovelovelovelove! your house is amazing - i could live there... i don't need much space... ;)

and happy new baby!

CaliTexaRado said...
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TexasLauren77 said...

Hey Nessa - You know me from the Dell happy hours (prior to my move to California)! Just wanted to say that I loved your house tour, and am in awe of all the work you've done. It's simply gorgeous. :)

Like vivi2002, I'm a little disturbed that AT didn't zap the crazy-mean comments. If a they showed up at someone's house, and said some of the things that they did in person, they would be asked to leave. Not sure why it should be any different just because it's a virtual house tour. Obviously, their mommas never taught them that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

And...Congratulations on baby #3! The world can always used more Roeders! ;) Now, go put your feet up, and have a rest in your beautiful house! :)

Nessa Dee said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, everybody! I didn't know that my home would cause such a scandal, but we've had quite a laugh over the whole thing. I guess people feel they need to comment based on assumptions they make. I'm just trying to take it all with a grain of salt.