Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, Monday!


:: I'm enjoying my Mother's Day flowers from my dad. Tulips are my favorite!

I'm also enjoying my new camera from Jonathan, although, there's something wrong with auto focus, but I'm sure it's just me. I'm using the manual mode until I can take the class on how to use this fancy thing. Me + technology = disaster.

:: We are raising our second caterpillar. This is Grover. He was found the day Elmo came out of his cocoon. [I'll post about that tomorrow]

:: I've got newly painted cabinets and shiny hardware to match!

:: I started this last night. My neck and shoulders aren't happy with me this morning.

Jonathan says it looks like the Space Invaders video game, and I have to agree, which means that we love it!

:: I finished the alphabet. Now to figure out a way to hang everything without turning the wall into Swiss cheese.

:: I also finished the robot. I managed to hang this one all by myself.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Love your robot - it turned out beautiful. I too am working on an alphabet wall. Where did you find your O and how did you cover our M with the map?

Looking forward to looking through your blog.


tammy said...

Will you give me some tips on how you made your alphabet? I really want to make one