Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello, Tuesday

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend together, and since my husband was off work and my kids had a break from school, I decided I would forgo my usual Monday post. Why do I do the Monday posts? Well, as our school days got busier, and projects, work,  and extra-curricular activities got more extensive, I found that my blogging suffered quite a bit. I started posting every Monday to keep me honest, so to speak. It gives me consistency. But even so, I've found that my constants have to be a little flexible, too. So, instead of blogging yesterday, I found myself doing something so exciting that I couldn't even take the time to tell you about it; I was cleaning out my kids' closets!

Don't worry, though. It wasn't all fun and games here. We did take advantage of Dad being home and we made him go swimming, we cooked some good food, and had a few friends over. But now that it's Tuesday, we are back to our normal routine.

Here's what we've been up to...

:: My sweet neighbors generously let the kids raid their peach trees last week.

So my grandma, my mom, Audrie, and I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon peeling peaches to make cobbler.
I would show you the finished results, but I spent the better part of Monday stuffing my face full of peach cobbler and have only a mangled mess left. Perhaps when I attempt to make peach jelly, I will take a few seconds to snap pictures of the finished product before I inhale it.

:: We woke up Monday morning to find our second caterpillar had emerged from his cocoon. We didn't notice at first, but one of his wings didn't fully form. I couldn't help but feel responsible somehow, but I know that we didn't do anything differently this time around. Sometimes these things just happen.
Regardless, we think he's beautiful.

:: Audrie invented a new sandwich and insisted I post it on my blog. It's the barfing man sandwich. Enjoy.

:: I'm finally putting some finishing touches on quite a few paintings. I don't know why I have the hardest time getting past this point. I have so many almost finished paintings in my studio, but finishing those last few details have become quite a challenge.

It's probably my subconscious brain not wanting to ever let go of anything I make, hence why I have a closet under my staircase that's full of paintings I made in college. I'm too embarrassed to hang them up in my home, but give them away? I don't think so.

Happy Tuesday


nessa dee

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