Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Caterpillars + Boxes + Dragons = A whole lotta random

We've had a caterpillar invasion around here recently. After finding Elmo Yellow Tiger [and seeing five more of his friends the day before], the kids found this guy resting comfortably in the grass.
We almost kept him, but were forced to put him back outside by the authority [Dad] whose thoughts were along the line of "Let's see if we can keep the one we have alive before we potentially kill another." I don't blame him. And after researching this caterpillar to see what kind of beautiful butterfly it would turn into , I'm glad we didn't keep this guy. It turns out that these unusual looking caterpillars are Elm Sawfly larvae, a relative of the wasp. That would have been a bit disappointing.

Well, he was fun to look. As for an update on Elmo Yellow Tiger, he successfully turned into a cocoon about two hours after I snapped that picture of him. It was pretty amazing, and I wish we'd been watching him more closely. We've got about two weeks and Elmo should be a Monarch by then.

In other exciting news, we have our Fridays back now that our co-op is on break for the summer, which means that we'll be having Crafty Fridays again!! [or at least one this Friday.] This Friday's craft is going to be pretty awesome...maybe the most awesome craft we've ever done! Here's what you need to start gathering:

And finally, I found this dragon lurking in the hallways upstairs. He's wearing an apron, so I'm thinking he's one of those rare Chef Dragons with awesome culinary skills. I sure hope so because it would be nice to have someone cook a few tasty meals around here.  Plus the fire breathing gives food a nice smokey flavor.

Well that's it for random. Start gathering boxes of all shapes and sizes if you want to join us in some crafty awesomeness.
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