Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Art of Watering....

... as demonstrated by Finn.

Step 1: Fill the bucket with so much water that it's too heavy to carry.

Step 2: Decide on a place to water, (perhaps right in front of the location where you filled the bucket since it's too heavy to carry) and begin watering.

Step 3: Continue to water the dirt right in front of the watering can. You might even be able to pick the can up a bit.

Step 4: Keep on watering the same spot. The watering can should be light enough to lift at this point.

Step 5: Empty the last remnants of the water inside the can in the exact place where you started watering. The dirt should be quite saturated at this point.

Step 6: Drop the watering can and put a planter on your head because where else would an empty planter go, if not on your head?




yoon see said...


JillP said...

at least you'll have a bunch of flowers in that one spot!
I have an idea for a "Spring" craft this Friday, but I need to find the link.

Elisabel said...

is is too cute and funny!