Thursday, April 2, 2009

DC Day 2

I have to make a public apology. I'm sorry Computer for accusing you of hiding all of my pictures from me only to discover that they had been moved to another folder by my husband and left in plain sight for me to find, except that I didn't think to look "under" the pages that were open on the screen.

Well, DC day 2 was wet and cold, so that meant staying warm and dry inside. We rode the ginormous escalator down to the subway (and by the way, this escalator probably makes up a fourth of our picture was TALL and therefore very picture worthy)
and we made our way to the Air and Space Museum.

Our short walk to the museum was sprinkled with gorgeous trees...

beautiful architecture...and ridiculous photo ops. If you can't read the sign, it says "NO STOPPING OR STANDING." Aren't we clever.

The Air and Space Museum is filled with all kinds of, you guessed it, air and space stuff! You can see planes,
and spacecraft,and this thing.You can even turn blue!It really was quite fascinating and I'm so glad we went. The kids loved it. Do you see the little astronaut in the mural? That's Finn. And there's a big astronaut to the left, just outside the picture. That's Daddy. And Finn can't wait to be an astronaut and go into space.

After the Air and Space Museum, we hiked on over to the Library of Congress for a tour. We saw a few sights along the way like this building:

Look, a family portrait in front of the capitol!

While the sights were lovely, I was so glad to be out of the rain and inside a warm building. The Library of Congress was absolutely amazing! The amount of work that went into it was unreal. Can you imagine the crick you would have in your neck after working on this ceiling?

There was so much more I wish we could have seen here, but the place closes at five and there was quite a bit of emphasis placed on the fact that if you're not out by then, you'll be spending the night there. So, back to the Metro it was to ride the train, race up the huge escalator, eat dinner and get rested up for the next day.

Nessa Dee

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