Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose

Are you enjoying the spoils of spring yet? I have to say that this spring, I'm getting quite spoiled thanks to our weekly visits to my mom and grandparents' cottage. They moved in last fall, so this is their first spring in the new house, and what a colorful one it is. The yard is filled with rose bushes that have saturated the place with vibrant colors and wonderful fragrances. It's made me want to plant a bunch of roses in my backyard, except, with my thumb that's anything but green, they probably wouldn't live to see the beautiful fruits of their labor. Oh, but aren't they gorgeous?

(I know this isn't a rose, but it's quite stunning, so I had to include it.)

Maybe I can paint my thumb green one day, and try my hand at growing roses. But, until then I'll just indulge my senses at Gangy and PaPa's.

Enjoy this spring!
Nessa Dee


Abby said...

I dunno, I've done a number on a couple of rose bushes (i.e. letting them dwindle to sticks in the ground - one a stick in a bucket without soil!) and they are both flourishing (after the application of chemicals like root stimulator and fungicide). I say give it a try! Sounds like a nature project for your homeschoolers ;)

Elisabel said...

Beautiful! I am looking to plant a number of things this year, but like you I have my doubts about my thumb. haha. but the pics a lovely.

yoon see said...

Sure! You enjoy the spring too Nessa:)